Group shot - Class of 1967
  Carr Lee Fletcher
  Betsi Chilton-Delaney, Kathy Pierce-Hanes and Mary Thixton

Mary Thixton, Chuck Parks, Betsi Chilton-Delaney

  King Lloyd, Mary Thixton, Charlie Marks and Kathy Pierce-Haines
  King Lloyd, Mary Thixton, Hubert Smith, Kathy Bray-Rooney and Charlie Marks
  Jim Decker, Emily Drews
  Patty Griffith, Charlie Marks, Jane Pryor
  John Bogert, Robin Anderson, Randy Pettit and Sandi Mashburn
  King Lloyd, Kevin McCarty and Mike Wainwright
  Tom Zarta, Larry Wilson
  Emily Drews, Linda Hughes, Gayle Eaton
  Rocky Weatherheld
  Kathy Kenyon
  Terry Cummings, Mark Hall, Rex
  Gary & Kathy Weller
  Sandy Bolynn, Donna Mackey
  Kathy Pierce-Haines, Chuck Parks and Betsi Chilton-Delaney
  Herbert Smith, Fred Geiss
  Kathy Haymon, Pam Richmond
  Billy Fariello
  Kathy Pierce-Haines and Gary Weller
  Nels Norem, Betsi Chilton-Delaney
  Hubert Smith, Robert Allard
  Mary Thixton, Nels Norem and Kathy Pierce-Haines
  King Lloyd, Ron Streicher, Barb Reeves, Gail Girock and Chris O'Brien
  Linda Comeau
  Gayle Eaton, Emily Drews
  Gayle Eaton
  Sandi Mashburn, Cindy Dufty
  Emily Drews, Gayle Eaton, Nancy Davis
  Emily Drews, Kandy Traxler, Sally Hughes
  Chris O'Brien, Gail Girorck
  Nancy Davis, Emily Drews, Gayle Eaton